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Alot of girls and boys have questions when their growing up. Wheather its about their parents, or love, or friends, or school, or anything else sometimes we just need some answers and some guidence. Thats why im here. To answer your questions and everything else.bold and italic text.

Example questions:

How to deal with fake friends

You'll meet people throughout your life who will dislike you. Sure they might seem friendly but they hide the knife behind their back. Don't put too much trust into people. Someone who is your best friend today may be your enemy tomorrow. This doesn't mean don't trust, anyone. Some friends are like blessings. Think before you say things and ignore people who try to make life hard for you. Value the people that love you and stay with you even in difficult times. Don't let the things they say get into your head.

How to deal with hearbreak?

Heartbreak is one of those things in life that always ends up getting you. Sure we can eat tubs of ice cream and blast our favorite music to help us feel better, but deep inside we still feel broken. The best we can do is try to distract ourselves. Get rid of things that remind you of him/her. Surround yourself with friends and family and people who love you. You're just gonna have to stay strong. It may seem hard because every time you see them your heart wants to go to them and your know you can't. You should try to fix things if you can't stand not talking to them or if you think the relationship is worth it. Find out what went wrong or if you know what went wrong try to talk it out. Those options don't always work, though. Sometimes you just have to learn to live without them. More important than all of this, though is don't loose sight to what's important and just try to reach your goal. No matter how hard it seems, if you can dream it you can achieve it. As long as you don't give up. Remember, if things aren't okay then it's not the end. The best cure to heart breaks is time. But, these might help too:

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